Sunday, 23 October 2011

Street Photography.

Today i manage a plan with my classmates to shoot Street Photography at Kuala Lumpur. We started from Masjed Jamek. My first photograph is a disabled father holding his son hands to cross road. The father lost his left hand but his still holding his son hand with his right hand. Even though he is disabled but his responsibility have attract my eyes and soul to shoot them.

After walking around Masjid Jamek, we decide to go chinese temple nearing Central Market. At the first i really scared to go inside to photographing all the scene inside there, but my friend said it's o.k no body will mad with us, so i just go there and start photographing. Actually this is my first time for me photographing in Chinese temple, it's really smoky but after a few minute i'm getting comfortable in that situation and my camera shutter sound keep recurring in that temple.

While we going to our motorcycle, i remembered what Mr. Sabkhi told us, try to shoot subject without look at the viewfinder which is  put the camera beside us and just press the shutter crossing the subject. So, i manage to shoot shoe repairer in front of me with using low angle and wide lens.The result quite impressive!, without look at the view finder, i can still get a nice photograph and dramatic view ( i guest :p)
Suddenly, there are motorcyclist with pillion crossing in front of me. That pillion is wearing incorrectly helmets and it's quite funny for me.