Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Islamic Scholars

The learning system of 'Sekolah Pondok' has been established at Malaya since the days before the arrival of the British and it was also the first education system introduced in Malaya at that time.All the learning activities were held at surau and mosques where they began to recognize the letters of the ox (Jawi) to a high level study of the Qur’an fully explored. Eventually, religious figures are appearing around Kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan who do set up a a huts to spread the school with a deep knowledge of Islam. A learning system that is used in every Tahfiz school are mostly the same. Learning system in Malaya was once centered on the school system from Pattani’s Tahfiz’ school where they influenced the learning system in Mecca, and this kind of system is still used in traditional Tahfiz schools in Malaysia. Back days, they used to call it as “hut school”. Now the time has changed , the school is better known as Tahfiz school even though it still uses the old concept of traditional.